Women With Muscles

Finally! After years of women asking me to create a program like this, I have!

Women with Muscles is NOT a program that will make you big and bulky, trust me, getting “bulky” is actually pretty darn hard for a woman to do since our hormones are TOTALLY different than a males, especially as we age!

Men are TOTALLY different than women in many aspects of life, but especially with the way we develop strength (muscle).

August 2021, I had 9 women try my Women With Muscles program, and here is some of their feedback about what they liked about the program….

  • Loved everything about it!
  • I liked the videos because even when I did your workouts by myself previously I would forget what certain workouts were by the descriptions so I used the videos a lot.
  • I liked the app with the workouts and the videos. You gave me everything I needed to do the workouts. I just needed to make the time commitment.
  • All the mixing it up! And pairing moves to challenge you.
  • I enjoyed going to the gym and knowing what workout I was doing. I didn’t have to decide what equipment to use that day.
  • I loved having everything laid out for me.
  • I loved the videos for helping if you are not sure how to do a certain exercise. I just like how guide the program was each day! I like how you can put exercises in that will keep heart rate up during the workout! I like to burn as much as I can in my 30-60 minute workout! I just love the structure! This helps me to stay on track!
  • I can go to the gym and not think…what am I going to do today. I like the accountability they you can see when I make this as complete. I would never come up with some of these exercises on my own. You showed how to do things with both Dumbbells and Barbells.

Now it is YOUR turn to try Women With Muscles!

What you will get for only $39.99 per month:

  1. Full access to 4 specially crafted strength workouts (30-45 minutes in length) for women per week WITH videos for each exercise to ensure that you understand the exercise and good form through an app that you easily download to your phone. These workouts were developed by myself, Tara Higgs, a Physical Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer. The workouts are different EACH week, as to constantly vary your routine so your muscles do not become accustomed to the same exercises.
  2. Access to me through the app from 5AM-7PM, 7 days a week to ask any questions, in which you will get a response within 24 hours!
  3. Access to a Women With Muscle private FB group where you can ask questions and get to have the accountability of others.

What you need to join this program:

  1. Access to weights at home or a gym membership. This program CAN be completed without a gym membership, but you will need weights, and bands. This program uses dumbbells and bands and cannot be completed if you do not have these items.
  2. A good attitude.
  3. Patience, because Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  4. Commitment to wanting to increase your strength by carving out time in your day to exercise.

Who is this program for?

  1. Intermediate to advanced women exercisers.

Who is this program NOT for?

  1. The beginner female exerciser.
  2. Someone without access to dumbbells or bands.
  3. If you have underlying medical conditions where your physician has recommended not to exercise.

After 6 months what happens? You ONLY pay $15/month once you hit 6 months completed!

Options to join:

  1. 1 month for $39.99 Click here to join.
  2. 3 month commitment for $100 (discount of $20). Click here to join.
  3. 6 month commitment for $200 (discount of $40) Click here to join

Still not sure if this program is right for you? Email me at tarahiggslifestyle@gmail.com or message me through FB (Tara Heil Higgs)

After years of thinking about creating a program like this, it has finally happened!

Hope that you will join me to get stronger as we age!