Fit For Fall Bingo 2021

October begins my over eating avalanche, which snowballs into a weight gain disaster by the end of the year!

Every. Single. Year.

Can you relate?

What starts as simple as eating just ONE of your kiddos Reese’s Cups turns into hiding in the closet, binge eating Halloween candy until Thanksgiving!

Been there, done that. Year after year.

Not this year though!!

Fit For Fall Bingo is your answer to staying on track!

Fit For Fall Bingo starts October 15th and goes to November 13th.

What will you get with this online Facebook group??

  • Your Fit For Fall Bingo Card
  • Group accountability
  • A month’s worth of recipes and a meal guide that you can print out and keep forever
  • Informative FB posts where you will learn a TON about nutrition and fitness

Did I mention a Grand Prize??

I will keep that a secret right now. The more people that join, the more money I give away!

So….. have I peaked your interest?

Grab a friend and join Higgs Lifestyle’s Fit For Fall Bingo 2021 Challenge!

It will focus BOTH on nutrition AND exercise!

It only costs $32 to join, or just over $1 per day!

What do you have to lose?


What do you have to gain?

Your health, and maybe some money too if you are the Grand Prize winner!

Click here to join today!

Last day to sign up is October 13th!

Will you be the first to yell FIT FOR FALL BINGO?!?!


Tara Higgs,

Head Coach and Creator of Higgs Lifestyle