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    Why 3 boys??? Why no girls??

    We have all been there…. you know when you are at the check out at Walmart and your kids are throwing a temper tantrum and the checkout gal is moving slower than dripping molasses. And all you want to do is hide under a rock. Then suddenly one of your kids stops yelling and says very loudly….mom, I pooped in my pants. Everyone around you stops and you all laugh together!

    Having 3 boys, including twins has been a challenge for me from when I was carrying them! I always wanted a girl, just one girl! When I became pregnant with my twins, I thought, here is my chance 50/50 chance it’s a girl. During the ultrasound, the tech said, Baby A is a ….boy!

    The next minute was in slow motion. I kept thinking, I have another chance for my girl! Not many women have another chance.

    Baby B is a ….boy.

    I am not going to lie if I say I wasn’t disappointed at first. But little did I know it would be a blessing in disguise!

    When they were little, I swore I wouldn’t make it through the day without having to drink wine every single night! My parents frowned upon this, but after spending just one day with my boys, my mom said, break out that wine, I now see what you are talking about!

    I could go on and on with stories of things my boys did to “test” me. Like the time Dakota pulled down my pants when I opened the door to the tv repairman. Or the time Dakota pooped on the kitchen counter. Or the time Dakota… get the point….Dakota tested me from the very start!

    Then as they grew up, the challenges switched from baby to toddler challenges to pre teen and teenager challenges. The hardest age for me to handle (so far) is 11-14! Wow, I think the words, Do you want to go to a boarding school, slipped out of my mouth a few times!

    Let’s fast forward to today. Ten is the perfect age! Noah is a thinker, quiet, pleaser, and good listener. Dakota is vibrant, outgoing, talkative, and never stops smiling. Luke is 15 now, and he is smart, wise, a hard worker, a saver, and is maturing into a wonderful young man.

    Do I miss those toddler days?? Well, hmmm, maybe a little. But as my 3 boys grow up I am enjoying watching them change. I was blessed with 3 healthy boys in a world where many kids are born with medical issues. So what if ¬†they fart, burp, fight, or are loud…they are healthy. That is more important to me than anything else.

    So why no girls??…..

    I got over that “want” pretty fast. 3 boys is what God wanted me to have because I think he knew I couldn’t handle girls!

    I proudly say….I have 3 boys, and I couldn’t be more blessed to be their mama!