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    Meal prepping is something we all know we need to do, but not many people meal prep. Meal prepping is the key to success! What we mean by that is that when you take time out of your week to make your menu, go to the grocery store to get the ingredients, and put an afternoon aside to prepare the food ahead of time, you are less likely to gravitate towards junk or fast food when it comes to meal and snack time since you are prepared!

    Being a coach to many people over the years, I have personally found that when they fail to meal prep, they are less likely to meet their goals in the timeline they set for themselves.

    Buy a Paper Calendar and write down on it your meals and snacks for each day of the week.

    Compile the recipes for those meals and make a grocery list. (try to aim to go to the grocery store once per week to save you time)

    When choosing recipes, choose recipes that have some of the same ingredients, so that you aren't making a completely new meal each day. For example, Tuesday night is Taco's in a lettuce wrap and Wednesday is taking that same seasoned ground meat and making a vegetable and ground meat stir fry out of it. This tip will save you a lot of time!

    Don't reinvent the wheel. Keep the recipes simple. No one in today's world has all day to prepare a 6 course meal for their family. KIS----Keep It Simple

    Stock your pantry up with items that you seem to use a lot so you always have extra. In my house this would be canned beans, natural almond/peanut butter, Gluten free oats, healthy oils to cook with, quinoa, etc.

    Set aside the time one day a week to prepare the meals for the week. Yes, this takes time. But YES this is worth every minute!

    Get your kids to help you! This will start to teach them good habits for when they get older!

    When you finish meal prep, take a deep breath, relax, sit back and know that you are ready to conquer the week with success and confidence!