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    It All Started With ONE Reese’s Cup At Halloween


    Are you ready for the cycle to begin?

    We all know what happens…
    your kids go to bed on Halloween night and you stare at the pumpkin full of candy. You stare and stare for a long while. Then you walk away. But you can’t get the candy off your mind. And you decide, well, I am just going to look at what they got. As you go through their pumpkin you search for the “good” stuff.
    You know… Snickers, Milk Duds, Hershey bars, and then it happens….

    You come across 15 Reese’s peanut butter cups!!! Your favorite! You tell yourself you will eat just one. Then you start reasoning with yourself. One is an odd number, so I will eat two to make it even. Then suddenly that urge kicks in, that strong urge that you just can’t seem to stop, and before you know it, all 15 are gone and you are just staring at the empty wrappers feeling guilty. Feeling like a failure. Feeling like crap since you just ingested a ton of sugar and you can’t reverse time! Can you relate??

    I know I surely can!

    Been there….done that PLENTY of times!

    You wake up that next morning feeling guilty, but you know what??? Somehow it happens again, and again, and again and food becomes an addiction.

    Then from Halloween to Thanksgiving, it is a downhill spiral of eating. You seem to somehow reason to yourself, well, I will just wait until the New Year and start eating better then. So from Halloween to New Years you pack on another 10-15 pounds.

    You feel like crap.
    No clothes fit.
    You become a bit depressed.
    And you say to yourself…it all started with ONE Reese’s cup at Halloween!

    Thing is, we all have control of this situation.
    But instead, we let food control our life for those 2 months.

    How would it feel to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and feel good about yourself and how your clothes fit??

    Are you ready to beat the holiday weight gain cycle by committing to your health starting today??


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