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    I once ate the icing off an entire cake then threw the cake away!

    Why are people so unsuccessful at losing weight, and even less successful at keeping the weight off??

    It’s because they totally restrict themselves from having any “treat” eats!

    There is no one in this world that eats perfect 100% of the time! And if someone tells you they do…they are outright lying to you!

    We all have food weaknesses! Foods that once we start eating, we just can’t stop. It’s like an avalanche triggered at the top of a mountain….there is no way to stop it until it hits the bottom! And once the bottom is hit you feel like crap! Guilty. Ashamed. Mad. Disappointed in yourself.

    But what if you ate a small 1 oz piece of dark chocolate everyday?

    Had one planned treat meal each week?

    One 4 oz glass of wine each Friday night?

    Without ANY guilt.

    Well… you can!

    Unless you are prepping for a bikini competition, or something of that sort, restricting food is only going to result in a ginormous avalanche binge where you end up feeling miserable about yourself. And you end up beating yourself up about what you just ate.

    How can you set yourself up for success?

    1. “Plan” your treats. When you know which night you are going to have a treat meal, then you are less likely to go overboard and start the avalanche.

    2. If you know you can’t control yourself when it comes to certain foods then keep them out of the house. Don’t buy them!

    3. Don’t tell yourself “I will never eat a cupcake ever again”, because from that moment forward you will always think of cupcakes and how you wish you could eat one!

    4. Try to eat healthy 80-90% of the time. Note: this depends on your goals. Talk to your coach to see what they recommend.

    People always ask if I eat perfect all of the time?

    Um….nope! Just ask my husband ?­

    My weakness??


    I once ate the icing off an entire cake and threw the cake away! ?

    True story.

    While I was eating it, I was enjoying every bite. Then reality hit and I realized that I just ate the icing off an entire HUGE cake! What did I just do?!?!

    I felt horrible!!!!

    I knew something had to change, otherwise I know I would have done that over and over again!

    That was before I adjusted my mindset to one  treat each week. A treat that I look forward to. Then when that day comes, I appreciate the treat way more than if I would have had an avalanche size binge.

    No guilt. No feeling like crap.

    Never deny yourself of any food….because it only leads to a binge that you will end up regretting!

    Let’s take control of our eating….because avalanches are deadly!