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    When you get that one pic of antlers out of 740 pictures on the card…..

    The year sweetie got my a bow for my birthday, I didn’t quite know what to say!

    A bow??!!

    I didn’t ask for a bow. I never wanted a bow. I don’t know how to shoot a bow.

    So why a bow?

    Little did I know that that bow was one of the best gifts I would ever receive.

    Hunting was something I never understood….

    You can sit for hours and see nothing.

    You can’t talk.

    You can’t move.

    Heck, you can’t even wear deodorant!

    Then there is the “Higgs Hunting Science”

    You take, minimum, 45 minutes to hang one trail cam!

    You look for deer tracks to try and figure out where to put tree stands!

    You hang trail cams everywhere, then come home and look through hundreds of pictures of soy and corn fields hoping to capture a pic of a BIG deer.

    When you do get that one pic of antlers out of 740 pictures on the card, you stare at it, analyze it, text it to all your guys friends, and hope that that “big one” is there tomorrow when you go hunting.

    And, the wind… the wind speed and direction dictates if it will be a good morning or evening  to go out, or if you shouldn’t even waste your time.

    But then, you should see our basement!! I call it a mini Cabella’s. Animals are everywhere! And one doesn’t get mounted unless it is bigger than the other ones that are hanging down there. Somehow we are still running out of wall space!

    He just keeps finding bigger and bigger ones each year! ?

    Like I said, 2 years ago, I was scratching my head and forcing out a thank you for a bow. A bow I didn’t even want. And now I am thanking him, and here is why….

    I am a mama to 3 boys. Boys that have been brought up hunting all of their lives. 2 of our 3 LOVE to hunt. This bow created a “connection” between me and my boys.

    I don’t know about you other moms out there, but connecting with 3 boys, including a teenager is REALLY hard sometimes! Actually, most of the time!

    But the bow connected me to my boys. We started target shooting. We did bow shoots together. We sit in a blind together. We laugh, we pick on each other, and they even hug me and thank me for taking them when we are done.

    We spend quality time together.

    In a world where everyone is always so busy and we barely get time together as a family…. to be able to stop, go to the country, and sit in silence together is precious.

    Being able to spend quality time together in a rushed world is what makes my family so close to one another.

    You never know that the next time you get a gift that you never asked for, and really didn’t want….maybe it will end up being one of the BEST gifts you will have ever received.

    Luke and me


    Dakota, Noah, and me

    Our mini Cabela’s ??????