Higgs Lifestyle New Year 6 Week Carb Cycling Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to TOTALLY transform your body in just 6 weeks?

Lose between 4-6% of your body fat in only 6 weeks?

This life changing program officially launches on 1/7/2018! —- cleaning out the pantry will start 1/3/18 to prep for the launch on 1/7/2018!

About the Program: 

This is a 6-week Transformation Challenge.  The challenge is split into 3 phases.

  • Phase 1 is low carb.
  • Phase 2 adds back in carbs on hard workout days.
  • Phase 3 allows the client to choose the protocol from Phase 1 or Phase 2.

The program is extremely effective!  Others that have used this program to help their clients have seen 6%+ reductions in body fat but conservatively if someone sticks to the program could see reductions in 4-5%.  Isn’t that amazing?!?!

Only the first 100 people will be accepted into this transformation challenge!

Other people charge $150 for the 6 week challenge, but because it is the New Year, and I want to help as many people as possible to feel healthier, I am offering this transformation challenge to you for only $75! But not only will you get the 6 week Transformation Challenge, you will ALSO receive 6 weeks of Higgs Lifestyle Membership with all of the coaching from our 5 coaches! This alone is valued at $75!

So you will receive the 6 Week New Year Carb Cycling Transformation Challenge PLUS a 6 week membership to Higgs Lifestyle, all for only $75!

This is A HUGE savings to you!

What you will get with this 6 weeks:

  • A FULL Nutrition Guide for the entire 6 weeks
  • Recipes to use during the 6 week challenge
  • FULL access to ALL of Higgs Lifestyle coaches
  • Private secret Facebook accountability group for the entire 6 weeks
  • Access to Tara’s “7 Minutes to Sexy” exercise video series
  • DAILY Emails from Higgs Lifestyle coaching you through the 6 weeks

Are you ready to drop 4-6%+ body fat in 6 weeks?

Give Higgs Lifestyle’s New Year 6 Week Carb Cycling Transformation Challenge a try….as the only thing you will lose is fat! And who doesn’t want to lose fat?!?!

Enrollment for this 6 week transformation challenge starts 12/7/2017 with the absolute last day to enter being 1/3/2018—NO exceptions!

Click here to sign up for Higgs Lifestyle New Year 6 Week Carb Cycling Transformation Challenge today!

Note: You do not need to be an Isagenix user to be part of this challenge.

Tara Higgs

Head Coach of Higgs Lifestyle