Carb Crusher Part 2

Ok, so you didn’t hop on board my original Carb Crusher Challenge a few weeks ago.

Well, let me fill you in on what you missed out on…… and these are the results after only 2 weeks!!! We haven’t even started week 3 yet!

My husband and I are down 32.4 pounds

Down 13 pounds

Down 4 inches on my waist

Less achy joints

No GI issues

My skinny jeans can button

Down 3 inches off each thigh

You have changed the way I look at food

My husband and I did this together and lost a combined 25 pounds

By eliminating dairy, I feel so much better


I could literally go on and on.

I created 1 more week of meal guides and grocery lists!

Option 1: Smoothies, Salads, Slow Cooker meals.

Option 2: Omelettes, Salads, and Slow Cooker meals.

Slow cooker meals are so filling and warm the body on these cold winter evenings. Oh yea, and they are easy!

One more thing

Carrot Cake is on the menu as a snack every single day!!

And who doesn’t like carrot cake??

It is a sure favorite in our household!

For just $20, you will get you choice between which meal guide you would like to follow!

BOTH meal guides are moderate carb, and, if followed, will yield some pretty fabulous results!

Click HERE to sign up for 7 full days of complete meal guides and grocery list.

Tara Higgs

Head Coach of Higgs Lifestyle