Summer Body Shred Series Week’s 19 & 20

Whether it is a bikini, a tankini, a full piece swimsuit, a swimsuit with a skirt, or your favorite pair of shorts that don’t fit anymore……we all just want to feel comfortable in what we have on, right??

That is where the Summer Body Shred Series comes into the picture.

Week’s 17 & 18  are almost complete, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t sign up for Week’s 19 & 20!

The focus for the next 2 weeks will be…..

Sleep and its importance in the weight loss puzzle.

You can’t decide to commit to getting healthier on June 1st, and expect a perfect bikini body by Labor Day!

Let me explain how this works……

Every 2 weeks, for the next 6 weeks, you have the opportunity to hop into the Summer Body Shred Series!

That means, if you have a vacation planned, no prob…..skip those 2 weeks and hop back on when you get back!

This is the first time I am offering something that is as flexible as this!

Every 2 weeks, the meal guides will have a different focus.

  • Some low carb
  • Some mod carb
  • Some mod fat
  • Some higher fat

What you won’t get….. Keto. I will leave it at that.

What do you get if you join Week’s 19 & 20?

  • Full meal guides to take ALL of the guesswork out of meal planning
  • Comprehensive grocery lists
  • Facebook group accountability
  • DAILY Emails from me with a different focus every two weeks
  • Weekly check in’s with me through an app
  • You have the option to use Isagenix or not. Two menu options will be provided each week.

Here are just a couple of testimonials from my 21 Day Carb Crusher Challenge that I ran in January:

“This was definitely what I needed to help myself get back on track! I personally loved this challenge. The recipes were easy enough to me to follow And cook on my own and even though I sometimes got burnt out on leftovers it was definitely more efficient for me.”


“Thanks, I feel a million times better. And my thinking has completely changed!”


“Down total of 5 lbs for this challenge & I feel GREAT! which is the most important thing to me, because now I feel inspired & on a roll to keep it going! Thank you SO much! Can’t wait till next one!”


“Love the shopping list and recipes. When I’m tired after work I don’t have to think of something to eat I just follow instructions . Really important to me. Easy to follow and good tasting.”


“Thank you so much for all your hard work on putting this challenge together. I learned more and hope to keep the momentum going!”


“Thanks Tara, I love how I feel now after this three weeks!!”


“Thanks for all you do Tara, I appreciate it.”


“Thank you!! I am so thankful for this group!! You and the group kept me going!!”


“I was most excited about measurements!! I couldn’t believe how many inches I lost in 21 days!!! More excited about that than my weight. My husband lost 14 lbs!!! He is excited as well and no more beer gut for him!!”


“I learned so much about counting macros and carbs which I knew absolutely nothing about. Love the tips you provide, recipes and the great support you have to provide. Thank you so much! To all those out there that made it the 21 days, hurray!”


“This was a great group with great results.”


So what are you waiting for.

This group starts June 24th!

Are you in?

Click here to join 2 weeks of Summer Body Shred Series for $40.