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I am ready to help you learn how to eat with counting macros! And cycling your macros every day. AND cycling your macros according to your menstrual cycle!

What is a macro?

Macros are short for macronutrients. Carbohydrates (carbs), fat, and protein are all macros.

What do you mean by cycling macros?

You will cycle between moderate, low, high, and super days. Your fats and carbs cycle depending on the day. Then as you lose weight your plan will be modified.

Learning how to eat with counting macros has totally changed the way I look at food!

I used to avoid carbs! And eat a lot of fat!


Because that is what you read and hear all about. Low carb. Keto. High fat. Limit your carbs.

But eating low carb and high fat drained me, both mentally and physically.

I had no energy.

My workouts suffered.

Going out to eat was stressful.

Since I started counting my macros in February 2019, I have increased my daily carbs intake from around 140 grams per day to almost 400 grams per day, making me feel strong during both my weight lifting AND cardio based endurance workouts.

I feel invincible!

Now it is my turn to help you!

What do you get with your Macro Membership?

  • CUSTOMIZED macro cycling coaching based on your weight, activity level, and your menstrual cycle! No two plans are the same.
  • Check in’s with me every week with your plan modified based on your progress.
  • Group accountability on Facebook

Who is counting macros appropriate for?

  1. Motivated individuals that are eager to learn and open to change.

Who is counting macros NOT appropriate for?

  1. Someone that constantly makes excuses.
  2. Someone that is not open to change
  3. Someone resistant to eating carbs.
  4. Someone that “never has time” to take care of themselves.

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Hope to help you soon figure out how to eat the macro way!

Tara Higgs

Founder of Higgs Lifestyle