12 Days of Health-mas

ALL money collected will be donated to a family in need this holiday.

The Holidays are right around the corner, but that does NOT mean that you need to fall of track with your eating and health!

We just finished the 11 Day Turkey Day Slimdown. Just 11 days. And here are the results…..

Down 6 pounds

Tummy is flatter

Wore a pair of jeansĀ  today that I couldn’t get into all year!

More energy

Down 5.4 pounds

I have learned a few things about myself.

Feeling good! Amazing what consistent sleep and good nutrition can do!

I feel zen. At peace

My muffintop is melting away.

My bras fit better.

Loved everything about this group!

Down over 3 pounds, and I have hypothyroidism! I am happy!

I feel real thin.

I feel fantastic!

Clothes are feeling loose.

Improved gratitude.

Bloat gone

Clearer skin

Brain fog gone.


So here is the deal.

It is 12 days, starting December 14th, and ending Christmas Day.

The full details are a surprise. You will find the secrets out when you join.

For just $1 per day, you will be GUARANTEED results. (if followed)

NO menus.

Simple life, food, mind, family, and health changes that yield results.

Supplements optional. Doesn’t matter to me if you use them.

I have never been more excited about a group than I am this one!

ALL money collected will be donated to a family in need this holiday.

Registration CLOSES Dec 12th.

Click here to join

Looking forward to helping you head into the Holidays feeling healthier!

Tara Higgs