Nothing Is Sweeter Than YOU

I have decided my 2020 will start on February 1st.

January was just a free trial month!

Is this you?

We just finished New Year, Awesome YOU. Only 15 days. And here are just some of the results…..

Down 7 pounds

I can’t believe how good I feel!

This has been the easiest challenge I have ever done with you, with the best results!

I love the accountability of the group, it was my saving grace.

Tara’s challenge gave me a new positive mindset.

I have more energy.

My gut feels so much better.

I buttoned a pair of jean I have not been able to button in years!

I feel skinnier

Down 8 pounds!

I gained a more “you are awesome” attitude about myself.

My sleep has been fantastic!

My mind is clear, great sleep, no bloating, and minimal cravings,

Broke the plateau I have been in forever!

Menopause has had me stuck…..until this group!

I can’t thank you enough for doing this challenge and giving me that boost!

I have learned so many things about myself.

Down 6 pounds!

Feeling good! Amazing what consistent sleep and good nutrition can do!

I never thought I could feel this motivated!

I got the mindset shift I needed to refill my own cup to be able to continue to take care of others.

Feel great in mind, body and spirit!

So here is the deal.

This group will be 14 days, starting February 1st, and ending noon on February 14th.

The full details are a surprise. You would need to join to see the deets 😉

But one thing I can tell you is that you can eat chocolate every single day!!

This group will have 1 Grand prize given at the end of the 14 days….

Either your choice of a 2 night stay at Dam Near Lake of Eqypt–Southern Illinois Cabins (valued at $275) OR $250 cash!

NO menus. But I do provide recipes that fall within the guidelines.

Simple life, food, mind, family, and health changes that yield results.

Supplements optional. Doesn’t matter to me if you use them.

2020 WILL be your year!

And I will be here to help!

Registration CLOSES January 31st, 2020.

Click here to join

Looking forward to helping you in 2020 with a healthy mind, attitude, and body!

Tara Higgs