Tara turns 45 September 2020 Challenge

Has 2020 knocked you on your a$$ also??

I mean, for an OCD planner like myself, this year has not been good!

School, no school, school.

Sports, no sports, sports.

Work, no work, work.


I have tried hard to remain positive, but this last week, I just lost it.

Lost myself in food, and lots of it!

So, yesterday, while I was devouring some sugar cookies dipped in peanut butter, I found  deep in the bottom of the freezer, I decided that I needed accountability for myself!!

That is why I created this September Challenge group.

It starts the day after I turn 45….on Sept 8th and goes to Oct 6th.

There will be a cash $$$$ prize for the person that loses the greatest % of their bodyweight.

Note: Cash prize amount depends on number of people that enter.

There are two ways you can participate in this group.

  1. Counting macros.


2. Through meal guides.

Your choice.

We can discuss which one will fit you best, and you can follow that path.

The BEST part????

YOU become MY accountability partner!

Thank goodness, because the sugar cookies from March in the freezer just don’t taste near as good as healthy feels!!

And you have me as your coach! 😉

So far we have about 50 people who have committed to my Tara turns 45 September 2020 Challenge!

Are you ready to join?

Click this link to join today!