12 Days of Health-Fit-Mas 2020

So here is the deal….

Here are the top 3 things I gained so far from 2020.

  1. Weight

I bet that made you laugh, but for so many people it is true!

2020 isn’t over yet!

It isn’t too late to take control of your eating and start exercising before 2021 arrives!

This 12 day challenge starts December 13th, and ends Christmas Eve.

The full details are a surprise. Shhhhhh. You will find out Santa’s secrets when you join. 😉

For just $1 per day, you will be guided through fitness AND nutrition concepts every day for 12 days by  area fitness and nutrition experts.

NO specific menus will be provided.

Healthy recipes WILL be provided.

Simple life, food, mind, family, and health changes that yield long term results.

The 12 Days of Fit-mas part of the challenge will be guided by Tara Higgs, Personal Trainer. Tara will provide you with a daily simple, pyramid style bodyweight workout that you will do every day for 12 days! No weights needed!

PLUS, Tara has more than just that up her sleeve. Of course she does! 😉

The 12 Days of Health-mas part of the challenge will be guided by Amanda Settle and Lindsey Purcell, both Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. Our nutrition and self care tend to fall behind other to do items during those last days before a holiday. Therefore, the Dietitians will provide a calendar with daily habits to focus on during the challenge. In addition to daily habits, you will receive three recipes add to your existing meals. Complete with nutrient breakdown. To challenge yourself, you will find a list of 12 health focused items to cross off during those 12 days. Following this foundation will set you up with habits you can sustain during the new year!

Are you ready to join the 12 Days of Health-Fit-Mas 2020 Challenge?


Click here to join the 12 Days of Health-Fit-Mas 2020 


Tara, Amanda, and Lindsey are super excited for you to join out 12 Days of Health-Fit-mas 2020 challenge!