Higgs Lifestyle Fitness

The one missing piece of Higgs Lifestyle was the online fitness part.


Starting April 2nd, 2021, I will be offering a private online FB group that will be solely fitness oriented!

What will this group entail for ONLY $10/ month???

  • One LIVE 45 minute group fitness class every Friday at 5AM CST. Can’t hop on then? No problem, they videos will be in the group forever!
  • Mini weight lifting tips and tricks
  • Weight lifting routines that you can do at home with dumbbells.
  • Weight lifting instruction for those of you that have access to a gym

What this group will not include…

  • Nutritional aspect. I already cover this in my macro group. This group is specific to everything working out!

First FB LIVE will be April 2nd at 5AM.

What equipment will you need?

  • Dumbbells -depending on your experience and fitness level. (5, 10, 12, 15, and 20 pounds.)
  • Mat
  • Bands– My recommendation are Arena Strength, but you can use whatever suits you!

Click here to sign up for 1 month of Higgs Lifestyle Fitness for $10

I can’t wait!

Tara Higgs