Belly Bustin’ Booty Blastin’ Challenge 2022

If the title of this challenge caught your eye, then this may peak your interest……


Want flat abs?

How about a lifted booty??


Me too! But flat abs and a lifted bum cannot be accomplished in 7 days!!


Try years of hard work in the gym will get you those results!


This 7 day challenge, which starts on May 21st and will end on May 27th is a challenge to get you back on track with exercise!

Or if you are a seasoned exerciser, it may give you some ideas of new exercises to do at home and the gym! 😉


Speaking of the gym…..

No gym membership, or even weights are needed for this challenge.


All you need is you and your drive!


What you will get with this challenge:

  • 7 days of different, 10 minute, workout videos created by me, Tara Higgs, a 10 year Personal Trainer and 23 year Physical Therapist.

  • 1, 6 minute ab workout video that you will complete daily

  • 7 days of a meal guide with healthy breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner ideas, along with all recipes and a grocery list of all the ingredients you will need

  • Be part of a private FB group of like minded women with the same struggles and goals as you.


In 16 minutes a day, you can be on track to start your exercise and workout journey!


Will you get flat abs and a perky booty in 7 days??


Heck no!


But this challenge is a great way to focus on YOU leading up to Memorial Day weekend!


All for only $11!


Click here to join the Belly Bustin’ Booty Blastin’ Challenge 2022