New Year, Consistent YOU 2024

And just like that, it is almost 2024!

A new year to take control of your health and feel awesome.

Want to hear a secret…..

It’s pretty simple, yet people make it so complicated…..

Here it is…..

Consistency is Key.

I know, I know….you thought it was more complicated than that. But seriously, it isn’t.

MaKenzie Byram and Tara Higgs are joining forces, and are ready to teach you how being consistent with your nutrition and fitness, over time, can yield pretty amazing results!

So here is the deal.

This group will be 31 days, starting on January 1st, and ending January 31st, 2024.

The full details are a surprise. There will be prizes 🙂

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced versions of this challenge will be offered….so that you always feel a sense of accomplishment, no matter what nutrition and fitness level you are at.

For less than $1 day, you will be GUARANTEED results. (if you remain consistent)

NO menus.

Simple life, food, mind, family, and health changes that yield results.

Are you ready to learn how to be consistent with your nutrition and fitness throughout the year, and not only for the month on January???

Then join us for New Year, Consistent YOU 2024

2024 WILL be your year!!

And we will be here to help!

Registration CLOSES December 31st.

Click here to join

Looking forward to helping you head into 2024 with a healthy mind, attitude, and body!

Tara & MaKenzie