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    October 2017 Higgs Lifestyle Rockstar

    October 2017 Lifestyle Rockstar

    Congratulations goes out to Holly Sigrist of Farina, IL for being the Higgs Lifestyle Rockstar, October 2017!!

    Holly has been a Personal Training client of mine since 2012! She followed me from gym to gym and now has joined Higgs Lifestyle to help her fine tune her body and her health!

    Holly has come a LONG way in the past 5 years! I remember when she had a very hard time doing a push up…, anything you give her, she does and does it extremely well without any complaints!

    Holly has always been a consistent exerciser, but her nutrition is what needed a bit of work. She is very open to nutrition suggestions and, as you can see, as she listened, her body has transformed! She trusts me ?

    She never says I can’t. She never uses the one way 35 minute drive to the gym as an excuse. Instead, she works hard, and is dedicated to changing her health and, in turn transforming her life!

    Congratulations Holly on being Higgs Lifestyle October 2017 Rockstar! I am proud of you!